Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Super Day

It's been a long and wonderful day. Holiday in the middle of the week. Don't you love it when you get a Friday on a Wednesday? I have been working my ass and blowing my mind off lately. Two of my close gal-pals have come over and we are having a nice time together. Movies, cooking, lots and lots of blah-blahing and whole lot of bonding.

It is half past eleven in the night; my partner is in the kitchen, supervising the making of the Coffee; I is whiling away the time by messaging someone on the phone and C is busy making the perfect Coffee. I felt this urge to write. And here I am blotting the screen.

I used to write a lot. Much before the Blog days, I used to write in my nice note-books. Used to write all the time - a boring lecture, waiting for friends at a coffee shop, at home when not in the mood to study and had to pretend due to parental pressure. Used to write just about anything under the sun - the pronunciation of the Bengali lecturer, his affair with the senior, about the tall and sick looking guy who was somehow under the impression that he resembled Ritik Roshan, the 178th crush, younger brother's attitude problem, mom's incessant nagging about my studies, job, career, life and everything in general, my 179th crush, my first brush with a gay site on the net, about Ganges and it's ghaats and many more things. I also used to do some poetry and short stories. Then I landed a job and came to Mumbai.

Coming down to Mumbai was a big thing. I got almost lost in this big city. Fortunately I met my boyfriend in the second month of my coming down to Mumbai. We have been together ever since. We just completed three years of our togetherness.

I am listening to Albinoni's Adagio in G and then I have lined up Vangelis, Vaughn Williams (Greensleeves on Fantasia), Vanessa Mae (Listen to her new album Choreography) and some contemporary music. I am big-time into music. All and any kind of music. Contemporary (Enya, Mike oldfield, Secret Garden, Loreena Mckernitt, Sarah Brightman, Bond, Vanessa Mae, Dario G, Enigma, Deep Forest, Gershwin, Hevia, Riverdance, the list goes on and on and on and on....), Pop & rock, Hindi movies, Western Classical, Ghazals. I can't bear shouting and heavy metal. Feel sorry for the singers and the listeners when I look at the rock shows, where the singers are going crazy on the stage and the listeners are following suit. But then I don't think i should be judgmental. Probably those very listeners will look at me and think "yawn! Who listens to the ant-music?"

We watched Raising Helen (I love Kate Hudson - in a very asexual way :-)), Mickey Blue eyes (Somehow I never felt anything for Hugh Grant. I might not look at him closely even if he danced naked before my eyes) and soon we'd be starting on another movie. Right now, all three of them are discussing mosquito bites and red ants.

Tomorrow onwards work starts; it's going to be as bad a 7 a.m Virar-Churchgate train. No wait; add boarding at Andheri to that. I have to go to Kolhapur ( I have to figure it out on the map) & Goa next week. Later on I have to go to Ahmedabad; then Pune; then Bangalore and thereafter chennai. By the time I return from Chennai, it will be the end of the October. I don't mind the traveling part. That’s when I get some respite from work and phone calls. The best thing about my job is meeting new people. Guys, guys and more guys, punctuated with a few girls. It feels really bad when I come across some great looking guy with shitty attitude. What a waste.

I guess, I will leave this here....will join in later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quite an eclectic taste in music you have, shall I say!!! I hope I can write just about anything that comes to mind and it gets counted as a "comment"!

That thing about Hugh Grant was funny!! Really!! What a classy way to trash a famous celeb!!

9:32 PM, July 12, 2006  
Blogger Prasann said...

I hope you used the word 'eclectic' in a nice way and not otherwise. About writing just about anything and getting away with it being called a comment is fine with me. Stay away from these - sarcasm directed at me, humor meant to put me in bad light, contradicting something I have said in one of my posts, supporting a point of view I have trashed in one of my posts and messages of similar nature and disposition.

I never intended to trash Hugh Grant. It is quite unfortunate that you consider my sexual aversion towards him as an act of trashing.

3:14 AM, July 13, 2006  
Anonymous Shekhar said...

Wowowowo!! So many caveats for posting a comment!!

6:30 PM, July 13, 2006  

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