Monday, June 12, 2006


Bored and nothing to do. Was browsing through a list of blogs on rediff and was disappointed. Not even a single gay blog (in the first 80 names that i browsed through). Rediff's search sucks!

Last night i finished going through all the resumes - all 130 of them. humph! By the fiftieth i started getting pissed off at things - people writing in for sales & marketing position when we categorically invited resumes for Technical Manager position; people boasting of 17 years, 19 years, 20 years and 25 years of experience when the ad clearly asked for guys between 24 to 32 years of age. I divided the resumes into 'rejected', 'Maybe' and 'most probables'. By the end I had 10 MPs, 36 MBs and 84 Rs.

There were some very long resumes. There was this senior manager at P & G who wanted to apply for sales & marketing position whose CV ran 18 pages. Can you imagine that? Supplying details is fine, but you should also supply a summary of things at least. Gawd! There was this guy from Delhi whose idea of a good Cv meant using difficult and pompous sounding words and abundant use of MS Word's text formatting applications.

I worked till 3 in the night and woke up at 10:15 when Anand came in with breakfast. Sweet corn and chicken soup, Moong Dal, bread and tea. Such are our eating habits. Then we read new papers. I subscribe to Mid Day and Times of india. So, every morning i get a thick stack of newspapers as Mirror is also included in the stack. We read out articles to each other. There is one story by a copywriter about office picnics.

I remember my days at d line and the article made me nostalgic. She says that she'd rather put her finger in the electrical socket. d line used to spend a lot on parties. I used to think if they gave half of that money to the employees it would make a lot of difference to their lifestyle. I used to get 8000 in hand as a trainee and it used to rile me a lot to see a couple of lacs being spend over dinner and booze. Sigh! They will learn the lesson soon. Satisfied employees make a successful company. They also know this but their idea of satisfaction is a bit skewed. Take them to fancy clubs and hotels and give them a night to remember and they will forget all their plight and return to work next morning - all refreshed and reenergised. Give me a break! I quit and today i am comfortably settled. Nitin left and got a job that paid three times more and had more dignity; Kanu joined Godrej and her career is flourishing there - despite being a non Parsi and from a non-premiere management institute; Shalini is a bitch, but even she is doing great at Phillips - though how much of it is to be credited to her beauty and her marriage to the HR VP is yet to be ascertained. Naresh is still there. And he will remain there. d line parties meant dancing like crazies and i hated that part with all my heart. One thing that i hate most is someone pushing me to do something i don't want to - and at all the d line parties i was forced to take the dias and show some steps. They knew that i live with a guy who is a dancer and that used to create more demands. As if Renu's husband's profession of a hotel manager would make her more affable and the perfect hostess - she always came across to me as a cold person; or Sunil's wife's profession as a teacher would make him more of a brainiac.


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