Saturday, June 10, 2006

Rahul Mahajan, Society & It's Celebrities & General Hypocrisy that's not visible

I do not have cable TV; resultantly I get my dosage of news from whatever news papers manage to print. So, when I read on gay Bombay group about TV News channels talking about the homosexuality angle in the “Mahajan-Moitra” case, I sat up and took notice. My impatience never allows me to go beyond the bold print, so may be I missed anything being mentioned about their alleged homosexuality in the news papers.

The reason why I don’t have cable TV (I have been off of it for more than a year now) is my partner’s insecurity. I used to spend more than enough time in front of the television.

The reason why I started this post is not to talk about my lack of cable TV induced entertainment. I was thinking about all the things we have come to know about Rahul Mahajan over the past 2-3 weeks. After the death of his father he was shown as the mourning son and that’s about it. The media was busy feeling sorry for him and the industry ‘celebrated his loss’. Then came the news of the fateful night. And in the last couple of weeks we have come to know following things about him –

• He is a licensed pilot and was in service as a commercial pilot for some time.
• He has a drinking habit.
• He reported drunk for work thrice.
• He also does drugs sometimes.
• His servants once found him naked in a Jacuzzi with Bibek Moitra, passed out.
• He was about to start his acting career.
• He had a low profile presence on the party circuits of Mumabi & Capital.
• He is suspected to be an in-the-closet gay or at least a bi-sexual.
• He was friends with model turned entrepreneur and partner in Velocity, Kazi and used to call him every time he was in the city – for a party or get together.
• He might be a victim of a conspiracy to defame and destroy the powerful Mahajan clan (????).
• Further, they added, Rahul had a predilection for being "unstable".
• And many other intimate details.

So many news channels clubbed with short attention span of the viewers forces the reporters to come out with as many details as possible. You never know what might catch the viewer’s fancy; what might catapult your story into the top slot. I feel pity for celebrity children/families. The price of fame we take from them is something we ourselves might not be willing to give if put in their place. Isn’t it strange how we treat others the way we would not want them to treat us?

Bibek’s death makes this case very delicate and reaching to the bottom of the truth is necessary. But I am sure, even if Bibek was alive and recovering in some hospital, these channels would not have stopped at anything to get a good story.

Why do we forget that the people we put on the pedestals are ordinary human beings and not super-humans. They are like us in every which way we see them. They have sex, they masturbate, they love eating, they cook, they have friends and love their families, they have affairs, they lust for someone other than their partner, they hate paying taxes, the haggle, they feel jealous, and they like sleeping in…so many things. But somehow, we don’t expect them to do these things. We expect them to be clean, conscientious, honest, humble, truthful, open-minded, brave, hard working, generous – I mean, Hello? Are we talking about human beings here? We put them up there and then attach truck load of expectations to them and when we realize that they failed to deliver, we pull them down harshly. We do this to others, and yet we hate it when someone does this to us. Did I mention ‘hypocrisy’?


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