Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I have been bugged. There is something in the air that's making me lazy. I am naturally a lazy person. But there is more than the usual amount of laziness. I am very successfully avoiding thinking about my responsibilities. Strangely enough, my mind which is acting lazy otherwise, is very aptly finding reasons why I should put off a work. I am hungry. It's my turn to cook. But I don't feel like moving from my place. Can't order from outside; we have been eating a lot of junk and will be eating out on Sunday; so the circumstances dictate that food be cooked at home - healthy food. I can cook good food. I mean I have that culinary gift. I have heard people saying "haath mein jaadu"- that's what I mean by culinary gift. I can make tasty food, but I hate cooking most of the times. Mostly because i am a very lazy person. My brain is lazier. It keeps inventing excuses and i keep following it.

We ate strawberry preserve and biscuits for lunch. Great combo. Also requires no time and energy in its preparation. Perfect for slothful trolls like the two of us.


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