Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Breaking up is never easy, I know

It was a promising relationship. For both of us it was a first experience and yet we knew that it will work out fine. We had our ups and downs; personally I had to go through a lot of adjustments. My parents were dead against this relationship. They thought I am being used. My friends were happy for me.

With each passing year our relationship grew stronger. We became one. Everywhere we went, people used to see us as one.

All this while, there were problems and shortcomings from both the sides and both of us were adjusting enough to accommodate the other. Then somewhere along the road dissatisfaction crept in. It continued eroding my faith. I started considering a break up because it was affecting me adversely. I could see my dreams and plans being washed away by the tidal wave of expectations and disappointments. I felt sad. I had given my sweat and blood to this relationship.

I started seeking help elsewhere. I started looking for someone else. I killed all my guilty pangs ruthlessly and continued looking of that perfect someone.

My search was not hidden from others for long. Our’s is a small world and all of us have met each other at some point or the other - directly or in Orkut’s language - connected indirectly through friends. I was approached by someone I had known for as long as I had been in this relationship. Both of us hesitated for a short while, but the more we met , the more we realized that how well we match each other. I was afraid of the consequences. I knew it very well that this is going to be a very messy break up. Arrangements were made so I could move out without any untoward event.

Finally after three years of togetherness I bid goodbye to my last job and joined the new company on 5th July. Fortunately my ex-employer took it nicely and I moved to my new assignment without much of a problem.

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Anonymous closetalk said...

whoops! u. actually. scared. me.
i was actually thinking - o gosh. another one bites the dust. lol. excuse me if i seem to have lost faith in relationships.

12:51 AM, July 10, 2007  
Blogger Shekhar said...

Gosh..! you really succeeded in creating a nice build-up to your crushing climax LOL

It seems the whole nostalgia/disappointment of leaving your previous company still hangs high over your head... you should rejoice now that you're with a better Co.!

6:28 PM, September 06, 2007  

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