Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Some Day

He once again walked through me
I sat there waiting for him
Like a wisp of smoke
Like the warm sunlight
He touched me all over
Made me aware of the yearnings
And then passed me by
Left me thirsting for more
Leaving that numbing ache in my heart

May be some day
I will breathe in the wisp of smoke
I will stand up and soak the sunlight
I will look him into the eyes
I will let him know that I exist
I will let him hear the thunderous pounding of my heart

May be some day
I will be stronger than my fear
I will take my chances

And while we are wishing

May be one day
He will stop by me
And tell me how his heart overcame fear
How he has yearned for me
How he’s been waiting for that one moment

Though I have tried
To forget him and move on
I keep returning to that place in my life
Where I am waiting to begin my journey

May be someday I will be able to take that first step.


Anonymous closetalk said...

waiting for that new post :)

12:40 AM, November 27, 2006  

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