Friday, October 27, 2006

Yours Emotionally

Yours Emotionally!- an unusual unfolding of a drama around love, spicy passions & lots of hot scenes. That's how the movie is introduced. It's the story of 5 homosexual men.They are all sensitive & sensible men. But their actions are driven by rash emotions. They are fighting stereotypes from their own corners. Yet they are trapped by their own little cultures. Is it really their own fault?

Saagar & Sridhar are a ltr couple and have been living together for quite a few years. Their last movie 'Gulabi Aaina' won them accolades across the globe. This time they seem to have come up with something more dramatic and mainstream. AP got an invite from Saagar for the special preview at the British Council. Quite unfortunately he'll be writing his exam at the time of the movie and I'll still be in Ahmedabad. I hope the movie will be out in theatres pretty soon. I take this opportunity to applaud Saagar & Sridhar for being such beacons oh hope and light. I think they are doing us all a lot of good.

Here's the synopsis of the movie -

Ravi & Paul, two friends from Leicester, end up attending a gay party in the small Indian town of Shimoga, upon an invitation of Ravi's Parsee email-pal Jeh from Mumbai. A genteel dreamer Ravi instantly falls in love with Mani - a dark & handsome local working man.

Ravi and Paul also meet an older male couple, Murthy & Anna, now in their sixties. Murthy has lived in the UK to avoid marriage. When he returns to attend his mother's funeral, his lover Anna (a married man by then) convinces him to stay back. After his wife's death, Anna decides to join Murthy & they run a hotel. Both Ravi & Paul are surprised to meet the older same-sex couple.

Although Ravi can't let go of his newfound love, Mani cannot overcome the vast gap that exists between them. Mani is under constant pressure to get married to a woman. When Ravi asks Mani to accompany him to UK, Mani shows very little willingness. Ravi seeks Murthy & Anna's help, but the couple hide behind words of wisdom and express inability to bring Ravi & Mani together. Tension brews between Ravi & Paul due to sexually charged Mani and the situation highlights some nasty cracks in their friendship... Mani throws in a surprise at the farewell meeting that Ravi's asked for...

Interspersed with flashes of semi-surreal situations - presented through exciting dream sequences - Yours Emotionally ! unfolds a brightly painted canvas that explores contrasting values within Indian & Western gay sub-cultures.

You can read more about the movie on it's website or on it's blog.


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