Monday, September 18, 2006

Just an anecdote from work

This morning I got a call from a man with a deep baritone, grainy voice. It made me laugh very much and I shared it with many of my friends. It went like this -

Caller: Hello? Mr. Bad?
A much bewildered me: Who is this?
Caller: Mr. Laben Im Bad? (transcript pertains to the way the word was pronounced).
A little wiser me: Umm...It is Utkarsh and not "Laben Im Bad". How may I help you?

After the conversation I laughed my heart out. My visiting card has my company's logo on the top right side and underneath it my company's motto "Leben in Bad" or Living Bathrooms. Now, this bloke somehow took that motto to be my name and called me "Mr. Bad?" The fact that my name 'Utkarsh Parashar' runs across the centre of the card makes this situation even more funny. I can not imagine what made him ignore the central bold print and pick up the sidelined tiny print.


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