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Queer as Folk

Closetalk's post on Queer as Folk gave me an idea to do my own thing on my favourite series. I have just finished watching the second season and the fourth seson finished downloading last night. It was an achievement (4th season getting finished downloading) given the number of seeders (3) , size of the file (4.14 GB) and the speed of download (anywhere between 10 to 23 kbps).

I don't know where to begin from. Ok, I will talk about my favourite characters first.

Emmett Honeycutt, played by Peter Paige: He's my most favourite character. He is honest, adorable, caring, straight-forward, fiercely loyal and very endearing. He has been used by the writers to bring in a touch of fantasy and comedy. He's been used to blow certain gay stereotypes and myths. If you remember, the fake computer ID coming into being and taking over his dating life; him meeting a guy at Babylon and they together plan their lives within the couple of hours they were together and then instant break up and moving on; him working for an ideal monogamous couple only to find out later that both of them tried/had sex with him individually; him dating an septagenarian; George leaving behind a fortune for him; him becoming a super famous porn star; and the cherry on the cake - him trying to change his orientation (or move towards light) by dating and mating a woman. Throughout the series he's been winning my heart by saying the right thing and doing the right thing.

While we are talking about right things - I think Ted has to be the dumbest asshole on this earth. Lately he's been grating on my nerves with all his might. He always manages to say the meanest, dumbest and stupidest things. I felt sorry for him through the Blake episode but then his stupidity and shallowness managed to overcome it.

Number two on my favourite list is Debbie Novotny, played by Sharon. She is a strong and adorable person. I love her energy, her attitude towards life and her strength. Brian called her a real "fag-hag" - she had a baby with a guy who went on to become a famous Drag Queen, her brother is homosexual and her son is homosexual. I love it the way she sees through each person and is always there to give them a piece of her mind. The romantic developement between her and the detective towards the end of the second season is endearing and I hope that it lasts. She is not a super-human though. We see her weak side when she expresses her displeasure at Michael dating Ben ( HIV+). All in all I like her a lot.

Next on the list is Brian Kinney, played by Gale Harold. The series started with Michael narrating and most of us thought it is about Michael. But as the show progresses, we realize that Brian Kinney in fact is the central character if any one. He single handedly affect everyone's life. Let's see - Melanie and Lindsay, Micheal & David and then Michael & Ben, Debbie, Justin and his family, Michael & Justin, and Ted. The only person who can be kept out of his cirlce of influence is Emmett. I can fall in love with a person like Brian Kinney. Of course only after looking at him the way we get to see Brian Kinney. The characters in the show don't get to see everything about him. Brian portrays himself as a self-made, emotionally-independent, commitment-phobic, free-spirited gay man. Well, we all know how much he loves Justin and how much he needs him. Justin and Michael - two ends of his spectrum. We get to see how badly he is involved, I correct, how deeply he is involved when hi pisses on Michael and Justin's hard work - just because he feels left out by the two most important people in his life. Debbie dear comes to the rescue once again and makes him realize his folly. I love you Deb.

So, my top ten are -

1) Emmett Honeycutt
2) Deborah Novotny
3) Brian Kinney
4) Justin Taylor
5) Michael Novotny
6) Melanie
7) Ben
8) Lindsay
9) Vic
10) Jennifer

I have made an observation: although the ratio of male to male sex vis-a-vis female to female sex shown on the show is 3:1, the female sex scenes are very bright as against the male sex scenes. Most of the times.

I guess I will stop at this. Will return to this topic soon. There are three more seasons to go - yippee!!!


Anonymous closetalk said...

waaaaaaaaaaa!!! me want QAF episodes!!! *pouts*

abt de lesbo vs gay scenes, i spose, dats still one of the stereotypes: gay sex is the seedy kind of the alleys and backrooms - lesbo sex is the goodygoody stable ones in the home, where they're rearing a kid. :-) aa, but then, when michael and ben have sex, dats hardly dark!

11:32 PM, October 08, 2006  
Blogger Prasann said...

And you may have all the seasons!

10:43 PM, October 11, 2006  
Blogger /~/ said...

nice blog!

4:33 PM, October 24, 2006  
Anonymous closetalk said...


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