Thursday, October 28, 2010

I am a fatalist

I feel like slapping silly people who say things like “I make my own destiny” or “I do not believe in fate”. I have a theory about these kind of people – they either have had it very easy in life and have never had anything denied to them or they are just stubborn and do not want to accept the fact that there is a force bigger than their determination to deny it. I firmly believe in the supernatural powers of lady luck. Those who say that there isn’t such a thing as luck need to just look at the long list of lottery winners across the world. Of course you have to do work towards something (like in case of lotteries, you need to go to the nearest lottery kiosk and buy a ticket) before you can hope and wish and pray for lady luck to smile at you. But of course there are instances where fate delivered something to someone that they did not work for at all. Look at John Doe in the cubicle next to you who bagged an account just because....(fill in the blanks). 

I am not cribbing. That’s not my intention. I just wanted to say it aloud that I am a fatalist. I spend a lot of time with myself and therefore have had a lot of time to think about my life and see the million ways in which it unfolded. I remember the times when I thought my life is about to end, there was just so much grief and it seemed that tomorrow would never come. It got better. I remember missed opportunities that made my heart sink like an anchor to the bottom of the sea; and the days and weeks of gloom. But those missed opportunities made it possible for something else to happen, something that changed my life completely and made me happier than I thought I would ever be. I remember waking up from a slumber on a home bound subway and getting off on a station on impulse, only to find out later that my train was one of the 7 trains that were blown apart by bomb explosions. There are several instances where I thought that something like that could never happen to me – but it happened and in such an unexpected way.

I think by accepting the fact that there is a superior force that makes things happen or stops them from happening gives me something to look forward to. Life becomes a wondrous journey where anything can happen. How exciting! Well, whether or not you accept it, your life is an exciting journey where anything can happen. So just accept it and see the difference. It’s like eating chocolate (or whatever tickles you) without thinking about ‘trans fat, fat, carbohydrates, calories, weight’.


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